Rise and #SHINE?

Hello , I am Sanjay Mudnaney a Marketing Strategist and Brand Storyteller , I believe in the power of stories to change our world.

As a Marketer and Storyteller I help Personal Brand Stories come to life and #shine.

For over 30 + years I worked as a marketing leader across large corporates , startups , agency , co-founded a digital payments startup, founded a Digital Strategy company Social Flutur and a Visual Storytelling Company CrowTales.    

Now I coach and guide business leaders and founders to build their Personal and Business Brand in the Digital world.

Build Your Personal Brand

I believe that and every leader has a unique gift within , it is like a diamond that is hidden with layers of dust , all it needs is to brush off the dust #Shine.

As a Marketer and Strategist I help them make this happen by helping them find , polish and display their Personal Brand.

At 22 I turned around a loss making business and helped it scale.
As a co-founder at a startup I helped a million merchants take their business online.

As a marketing strategist I helped a small healthcare company scale and build category.

I have seen the hunger of founders and leaders wanting their dreams come to life.

I have seen their struggle , the little voices that stop them in their journey.

I have seen many give up their dreams even before they begin. Rise and #Shine an exploration and a movement . There is a diamond within each of us that is waiting to shine . The time has come and it is NOW.

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